I do believe that you are right on the number of problems with Trovan, my liver failure that led to a transplant has not yet been reported to med-watch. But it should be done shortly, if all goes well.

Before Trovan was pulled, I don't think the doctors realized what was happening. I have been going over my medical records with a fine tooth comb (since, I don't even remember being ill) and after the transplant, I had some heavy duty mind problems (in my own words "having trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality")

I was also VERY combative and Angry and experiencing delirium. In my medical file 11 days after the surgery and while I was still hospitalized they sent Physc. in to see me. After all their notes.... In the "ID (infectious disease) Addendum it states "something to consider... The Norfloxacin has an important role in infection prophylaxis after transplant it has been associated with unusual and fairly dramatic CNS signs and Symptoms"

Maybe this may help with those of you that have experienced problems in this area. It makes sense to me that if you are sensitive to one floxin you would be to another.

Last Updated 7/14/04