I just want to share this :

I too had taken Cipro in the past. I am now severely disabled from muscular-joint pain, whatever the cause. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and though I have all 18 sensitive points, after reading this forum I am convinced that FM is the new catch all for undiagnosed tendon/connective tissue/joint illness. I am now going to find my old prescription and see if the date corresponds to the onset of my problems.

Years ago when reading the Bible, I read three different verses, long forgotten, the gist of which that said that a person consulted a physician (rather than God) and so he died/became more ill. 

Sometimes doctors are helpful and most are probably well-meaning. But once I was given a drug with death listed as a side effect along with nausea, drowsiness, etc. When I asked my doctor why he gave me a med with death as a side effect, he said he was not aware of that side effect. I never took that drug, of course. 

I am very thankful to each person that has had the courage to write their story.

It helps me see I am not crazy. I have not tried yet, but have been told there are ways to cleanse our systems from antibiotics and other toxins. These means can be discovered at health food stores. I am thinking more than ever that I am going to grow my own organic food.

May God bless each of you in your road to recovery, and may you each be healed.

Last Updated 7/14/04