I just became aware of the connection with my liver failure and Trovan. I have been searching the internet for about 3 weeks and ran across this site just today. What a wonderful exchange. In January of this year I was prescribed Trovan for an infected bug bite.

At 1st 10 days and then after no improvement another 7 days. The last day I took this was on Feb.3rd. On Feb. 16th I had a liver transplant. By the grace of God and a wonderfully generous donor family and great doctors I am alive today. I don't remember hardly anything about my illness and hospital stay, but my family has filled in the blanks for me. I was appx. 48 hrs from death when I received my transplant.

What a high price to pay for a bug bite?! Is anyone out there had a similar experience? I read the FDA reports. I have never had any adverse reactions to any other drugs.

Last Updated 6/12/04