May of 1992 I had a heart attack at the age of 32 while taking Cipro. I believe strongly that this medication was behind this heart attack. I took this medication once before this for 4 days when half my face went numb for a few minutes. I was on Cipro for 5 days when I had the heart attack.

I was not aware it was the same medication that had cause my face to go numb until I was released from the hospital and was going through my medicine. Please note that I have not had a problem with my heart since this and have had two heart caths which do not show a problem outside of the damage from the first heart attack.

I was very lucky to have gone to a hospital quickly. My body through a blood clot and I would have died had I not been treated within the first 30-45 minutes with a clot buster.

Last Updated 6/12/04