I  have stopped taking Levaquin and went to the Dr. to inform him of the adverse reactions such as muscle pain, killer headaches, vomiting ,rash etc. He did not want to prescribe another antibiotic in it's place so I am going  natural with Goldenrod root. I hope it helps. I have bronchitis and pleurisy and bad back pain and chest pain...stomach...etc...

I just don't know where or what to do from here. Dr. is unresponsive to other treatment. I feel like it is pneumonia. 2 abnormal chest x-rays,1 abnormal CT,2 blood tests showing infection, EKG is normal, cortisone shot in the back.

And I am just taking nebulizer treatments daily. Any suggestions are welcome.

If I do not reply in a few days you know I am in the hospital.

Last Updated 6/12/04