Subject: Levaquin 

Hi ---Stumbled upon this site (literally since I'm more dizzy than I've  ever been from the supposed sinus infection I have). I had the weirdest, hallucinatory dreams last night plus sleeplessness that seems so unusual since I've been fighting a high fever for almost a week and have been  exhausted. I have had bad past medical advice in the past that lead to treatment of asthma with antibiotics, and consequently I have a very difficult time fighting infection with standard drugs...amoxicillin, augmentin, arethromicyn, etc.

So, what's with this particular drug? Should I contact my doctor ASAP and put this drug on my do not use  list? I'm running out of options as my infections are becoming virtually  untreatable, but in this case with the Levaquin, perhaps the cure is worse than the disease. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Last Updated 7/15/04