As I've written before, I've had periodic numbness and tingling in my fingers since I was FQ'd. One strange symptom was a period where my ulnar nerves (the "funny bone" nerve in your elbow, it runs down from there into the side of the hand and the little finger) in both arms became very sensitive to pressure. A few seconds of leaning on my elbows lead to numbness in the area served by the ulnar nerve. This lasted for a while (off and on for about four months) and then went away completely in early December. 

Starting a couple of weeks ago, I've had strange nerve problems in both arms (I understand this is a good thing, since bilateral reactions are unusual in both MS and ALS). If I bend my elbow up, such as holding a magazine or lounging on the sofa, and keep it there, my lower arm will "fall asleep." I've never had this happen before in normal use. It also happens while I am sleeping, and for the past two weeks I wake up several times a night with tingling arms. 

I've also developed strange new pains in both shoulders. When I was first FQ'd, I had severe shoulder pains that were diagnosed as rotator cuff tendonitis -- a classic FQ side effect symptom. These new pains now are kind of a numb ache -- if you can imagine that -- rather than the intense "I wish I was dead" pain I had before. I'm also having another bout of the neck and throat pain I had in my earlier FQ days of last summer. 

Does my current arm/shoulder pain sound familiar to anyone else? Like a lot of us I kind of wait for the FQ symptoms to develop into something more sinister, and I hate new symptoms. If anyone has words of encouragement, I'd love to hear them. 

(One good sidebar note is that since I've been FQ'd I've actually been exercising more [my Achilles tendons were unaffected], eating a more rounded diet, and taking nutritional supplements. I've been surrounded by people with colds and the flu for months and I've remained healthy.  That's something, anyway.)

Last Updated 7/15/04