I was surfing the web today looking for a cause of this debilitating condition that has haunted me for 2 1/2 years. I can't believe what I am reading. I am literally in shock.  

I took multiple courses of Cipro and Floxin for a very bad ear infection which I had. During that time I suddenly developed a chest pain that I can only describe as at first a stabbing pain, then gradually a burning pain, and now a somewhat chest soreness. I also have developed a nerve disorder that is affecting my T-5 nerve and up and down my spine (hot, tingling, etc. pain). I actually have to take 3 - 5 pain pills a day for this thing (on top of Neurontin and Dilantin). 

I knew this thing didn't come out of the blue (I am only 32), but I never would have made a connection to the antibiotics I had taken.  

Can someone let me know if there has been any therapy that has helped this condition? Also, I am really pissed right now and if there is a lawsuit which is going to occur, I want to sue the you know what out of the people who allowed people to use this drugs knowing that this could occur. 

Please respond as I will be anxiously waiting to hear from anyone. 

Thank You.

Last Updated 7/15/04