I recently took Levaquin for 11 days (I could not make it 14 as prescribed) for a sinus infection.

Day 2 I was dizzy and could not get to sleep. About 5 days into it I noticed that I was very anxious to the point of panic attacks. I thought I was going crazy! I began to dread nighttime because I knew I would toss, turn, and then have nightmares. By day 9 I was a mess...dizzy...panic attacks...several times I thought I would have a heart attack...not to mention I was tired!

I have been off the drug for 1 week now and I still have trouble getting a good night sleep. I have had mild anxiety now and then and I hope it continues to get better. My Dr. did not seem too concerned about my side effects but I was/am scared that it did some damage! I had never had a panic attack before and I have never experienced anything so frightening!

Last Updated 6/13/04