I took Levaquin for 10 days for sinus infection from Jan 7th to 16th, on day 4 I had tendon foot pain and seen a foot dr. I told him I was an R.N. and looked this up in the drug book to find out this caused tendon problems, however he told me after diagnosing me with tendonitis to continue taking it.

I complied he was the doctor, why should I doubt him, I didn't have 10 YRS of med school. I should have listened to myself, because I"m too living the quinolone nightmare!!! Several days later I had chest pains, and I called the cardiologist. I did not think to mention the Levaquin because I had a cardiac ablation done on Dec 18th,and I thought maybe I was having problems from that procedure even though up until that point it was a success and no problems, little did I I know Levaquin was screwing up my repaired heart.

I was finished with my Levaquin the next day and the chest pains went away, but I went to the cardiologist for a check up, and he had no idea what happened to my heart, I was now in a screwed up rhythm, I neglected to tell him about the drug but I have an appt. 3-2 and we will discuss this.

The heart is a little problem that was solved. The BIG problem is my muscles and nerves, my legs started to twitch and pop, my knee joints became sore, and I had severe muscle spasms, my knees feel like they are locked, I had extreme weakness and burning pains {parethesias} all in my legs. numbness in my toes. I had to cancel a cruise vacation I was taking. me and my hubby had planned it 2 yrs ago.

I was wondering if I was going to be walking, I seen 2 neurologists, a rheumatologist at Cleveland clinic, who said after MRI of spine and EMG to rule out multiple sclerosis, that this was strange AND SOME KIND OF NERVE DAMAGE SHOWED ON EMG. NO MS.

My family doctor right away said this was Levaquin, I told the other doctors this and they said it was far fetched and looked at me like I"m crazy. They said wait a month until I get better, and if it was the Levaquin it was too late, just have to wait and see. I am so grateful for this group, I was advised by a pharmacist friend to go on the net to see if other people had this problem, I even got a computer when I seen all your responses, so I could write becauseI sure could use some support.

IT HAS BEEN 3 weeks of sheer hell!! I am an active person, or was, I exercised 4x a week at Bally,s until now. I too can hardly sleep at night.< because of twitching burning, spasms, they put me on senaquin, it slows the nerve conduction down, the neuro said she could put me on Neurontin but that might screw up my heart.

I have a treadmill that I have pushed myself to do on the advice of the docs, and I seem to have less spasms, and the weakness has greatly improved. I cry a lot because of the pain. I want my life back!!!! I WAS SUPPOSE TO be on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, but thanks to Levaquin I'm typing this and going to doctors and medical libraries trying to figure out  what happened and how I can fix it. I would like to share some  nutritional things I found that help, which I asked the doctor about.

GLA {in Primrose oil and in Borage seed, is good to heal the nerves, and amino acids such as Omega 3 and 6, can be found at health food store. co enzyme 10 is good for the muscles, grape seed extract is a powerful antioxidant, and 3000mg of vitamin C a day, along with a good multiple vitamin and multi B. also protein drink such as whey protein or soy protein has all the essential amino acids for nerves and muscles. I was never into all these health things but I feel better after these, I've got a long way to go and I pray a lot.

Last Updated 6/13/04