This is my 2nd post like many of you. I am glad to be able to repost since I had left out many of my symptoms.

I was given Floxin at an urgent care on March 24 of 96 for a suspected bladder infection. I don't recall how many pills I had taken before I noticed a reaction, seems as though everything became a blur from the beginning.

I started with a bad headache and took some Advil, which is a no no, but I didn't know. I didn't associate the headache with being a Floxin reaction. On the 28th of March I had severe abdominal pain, went to the Doctor at work, he wanted to know what I had eaten or taken, I told him Floxin, he gave me mylanta and zantac and sent me home. He also took my blood pressure which read 140/90 and I had always carried a low bp of 118/78.

I went back to work and really begin feeling the effects of Floxin. I had dizziness, insomnia and nightmares. MY jaw began to ache and I had excess salvia coming from the left side of my mouth and my left arm would jerk. On the 11th of April I could not work any longer. My mind was so fuzzy and my vision began to blur and I was dizzy.

I go back to the urgent care and there my bp had risen to 160/120. They were able to get my bp down after spending 8 hrs there, then they gave me Cipro. Why I don't know unless the Dr thought that maybe my bp could be contributed to an UTI. Well that is really when my hell started. The insomnia grew worse, the anxiety was running next to fear, I had a burst in the back of my head on the left side, it felt just like an explosion.

My vision was getting worse everything was distorted and blurry, even now if I look at the moon the bottom falls out and it becomes oval shaped. Walls would slant suddenly. I had muscle and joint pain plus my body would jerk not noticeably but I could feel it. I had never taken any kind of meds for anxiety, but I do now that is still with me. My head feels like I have medicine head all of the time. The bottom of my feet burn at times now, early I would have burning sensations all over. I too have had a multitude of test sed rate autoimmune, mri's.  After taking the floxin/cipro I did developed carpel tunnel and had surgery for that. I also had a cervical fusion for pinched nerve in my neck, didn't have that before floxin/cipro either. Had not been in a wreck or had a whiplash. At todays date I still feel like hell. I have so much pressure in my head and am so dizzy there are days that I am hardly functional.

Last Updated 6/15/04