Cheri had x-rays and had enough blood drawn for at least a dozen different blood screens. At first I didn't like the doctor--he said he had prescribed Levaquin and had just started taking it himself for a sinus infection. He seemed to scoff at the ruptured tendon information, but at my urgings he did pull out the Physician's Desk Reference Book and looked at the section about side effects and warnings (although he did think it was safe to give this drug to a 16 year old because most 16 year olds have mature skeletons according to him). 

I kept persisting that she had been fine before this (in fact she holds a red belt in Tae Kwon Do--one belt away from black), has been playing the piano since she has been two and normally is a ball of energy (Straight A honor student, tons of activities).  

After his examination, he said he was going to run all the blood tests and take the x-rays to rule out infective arthritis and juvenile arthritis, but he had to admit to common sense and the fact that she had been fine before the Levaquin. He said the tests will tell. I think it would be ironic if he started having problems after taking this drug.  

Keep the faith, Matt. I know what you are going through because it kills me to see my beautiful, bouncy daughter so down. God bless. I'll keep you posted.

Last Updated 7/15/04