I neglected to mention that on Thursday afternoon, my nurse mentioned aheart murmur. I had had a physical on the previous Monday, and have never heard it mentioned. My doctor says that yes, I do have a heart murmur. Now supposed to get that checked on a week from tomorrow.  

I have previously taken rounds of Cipro, and was struck by one thing in the messages I read. 13 years ago I had an acute angle glaucoma attack. Laser surgery in both eyes seemed to eliminate the problem.

But my eyes are very sensitive. I have had bouts of sore throat, etc, and been given 4 prescriptions of Cipro in the last year. About a year ago, I experienced very dry eyes, and ended up having to have silicone shunts or plugs inserted into the tear ducts of both eyes. My eyes have become so light-sensitive, since last spring, that I wear these wrap around drop-in inserts in my prescription glasses. (My son says I look like Roy Orbison) Often when walking into a friend's classroom, if the sun is just right, I have to put my "sunglasses" on and hold my hand over my eyes. This has been a major problem, and in no way has it ever been suggested by my eye specialist that there is any connection.

And there may not be, just made me think after reading postings. I am also allergic to all metals (like jewelry worn on skin) except gold. I am my mother's daughter, who has an endless list of allergies. Again, thank you for listening and reading, and I will go back farther tomorrow to read more of the chat. Typing this and reading of other's problems has taken my mind off of mine, if only for a little bit.

Last Updated 7/15/04