My story from yesterday is as follows:

I went to the Emergency Care clinic down the street from my work. I was at the point where I couldn't remember the date or even read the computer screen. The doctor evaluated me and said "You shouldn't have had a reaction to this drug and I don't know what to give you to counteract it" I asked him to call my primary physician because I was not leaving until I had some answers. After he spoke to my doctor, they agreed that I would have to wait for the drug to leave my system on its own. He also said" Well I an find some type of antidote but it will take me 6-8 hours so that he could contact the manufacturer. I told him not to waste his time I was going to the emergency room.

I went to the emergency room with confusion and hyperventilation. The doctor asked what had happened. I told him that I had been give a 5 day supply of Cipro and then a 4 day supply of Levaquin for a bladder infection. The first thing he said was" did you know there drugs were in the same family? and why did your doctor do this"" He also said" there is no need to give your more than one of those pills for the infection, all you need is one pill to kill the bacteria" I told him that only learning for everyone here at this website did I stop taking the Levaquin.

This is what he described to me as what I was going through.. "The first drug Cipro you were given created reactions that you might  noticed as insomnia dizziness & nausea. Once you stopped taking this and stared taking Levaquin, Cipro had already laid a foundation which are prolonging your effects to Levaquin. You are experiencing panic attacks which are not allowing you to sleep and causing insomnia.

The reason you cannot remember anything is because your brain has not slept in 7 days .He said that he see this a lot in the emergency room and regular doctors are not familiar with the symptoms.

My doctor prescribed Lorazepam (to make me sleep) and Benadryl for the allergic reaction.

This was yesterday and the anxiety pills are working.

I do have still a short term memory and keep forgetting to put the orange juice away.. and the obvious,, how to spell.

Last Updated 6/22/04