Subject: Re: Can this be due to Levaquin??? 

In a sense, I was lucky. I was sick in bed with a sinus infection &  was not involved in any activity. My left shoulder & knee both started bothering me, then the pain moved to my right shoulder & knee. I almost went to the emergency room as the pain made it impossible to sleep. I asked about the Levaquin as that was the only thing different, but I was told that there were only 1/2 of 1% of people on Levaquin with joint problems.

I've stopped the Levaquin any way & am waiting on tests. I suspect that I don't have Rheumatoid Arthritis or gout, etc., but it may be put down to Fibromyalgia. This is my first time on Levaquin, but I had Cipro before. I stopped taking it because I couldn't keep it down. I have severe allergies (hay fever), which is in itself a type if autoimmune condition. I wonder about the relationship between these types of things; especially when I can't manage to avoid sinus infections longer than a month or so.

Last Updated 7/17/04