I took Cipro on September 17 to September 24 1999 for a kidney infection and prostatitis. I got so sick by it I had to quit my job. I thought I was going crazy, because I could not find the culprit but thanks to the internet and you I was able to fit all pieces of the puzzle. 

Thanks to family support I have done accurate research on how to handle fluoroquinolones intoxication. But first you must know there is no antidote, and is highly toxic, for humans and for the environment. The only known way to dispose Cipro of and fluoroquinolones is by burning it. The rumors that its half life is 9 to 11 months could be true. It penetrates tissue. Doctors love it, like a car mechanic loves an unreliable car. My opinion is Cipro is a silent killer. Once you take it, it guarantees more visits to the doctor. A gold mine for doctors. If you think I'm making this up, ask your doctor if he has prescribe Cipro (or any quinolones) to himself, or his immediate family members, or famous and powerful figures that can represent an easy liability against them.  

Being exposed to fluoroquinolones should be treated as being exposed to radiation. 

1-) Drink at least five 8 oz. glasses of filtered and bottled water. Must be high quality. 

2-) Take four times a day 100 mg. of magnesium, and calcium each. 

3-) Take a mineral supplement. With iron, selenium, copper, etc. at least one a day. 

4-) If potassium levels are normal or low, drink one tablespoon of organic apple vinegar a day. 

5-) Stop drinking milk a.s.a.p. stop eating meats, fish especially chicken.  

6-) Stop using tooth paste with fluoride, it might bind with magnesium. 

7-) Stop eating sugars, fructose, sucrose, in other words any sugars, no NutraSweet, no sugars based on chemicals, no fruits, no juices. 

8-) Take at least 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C. 

8-) Stop using mint, or spearmint that is as in mint in tooth paste, candy etc. it might interfere with the natural healing process. 

9-) Eat organic food. Like soups, vegetables, etc. 

10-) Develop your own organic diet. 

11-) Develop a love for natural medicine. Be cautious with traditional medicine. 

11-) Parcells Therapeutic Bath explained in the book by Anna Gittleman. If you need more information e-mail me and I'll be happy to explain it. This  is a must especially for women who has been exposed to quinolones 

12-) Be patient. 

A must reading: 

How to stay young and healthy in a toxic world by Ann Gittleman 

Prostate health in 90 days by Larry Clapp 

Recommended reading 

Worst pills, best pills 

Prescription alternatives by Earl Mindell 

I've been doing this for three months. I chose natural over conventional and I think is working. I have improved 50%. I have like 30% to go. No I'm dealing with one problem. The residues of Cipro on all my body. The Parcells bath is helping a lot.

Last Updated 7/17/04