The nerve damage that I had are less extensive. Since then, I have not taking any kind of pills or medicine, and have doctors as advisors not doctors to cure.

The doctor using conventional diagnosis methods and common sense thought I have peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes. He order diabetes tests and for his surprise tests turn negative, that's when Cipro came kicking as the culprit. I took it for 9 days, two 500 mg at day. 

Some doctors say that nerve damage is irreversible, some say it takes time to heal. Experts, though, agree that the softer the tissue the more vulnerable the nerves are....

I had rashes and allergies that lasted for 2 months, and no skin color change. I develop a strange edema which is now disappearing. 

The information for Cipro and the "cell damage studies" that it causes turns out it was never done on humans is on the web site or

Also how Cipro studies were never done on pregnant women: The site is then in search write Cipro click go and then click on fluroquinolones. 

So it is basically a matter of Cipro destroying tissue and the body's ability to regenerate it.

Last Updated 7/20/04