I have never heard of Levaquin so I took the 10 day dose, trusting my dr. The day after I stopped taking it I developed a red rash on my arms and legs. The next day it was on my stomach and back. The next it was on my face & chest. Then, my face began to swell and the rash on my face became like a sunburn. It is hot to touch, red, some bumps but due to excessive oil some small whiteheads. Sometimes it itches, but not all the time. Seems worse in heat & humidity.

I am on my way to the dr. to see if anything can be done. Has anyone else had this type of reaction? I read other posts and so far I didn't see any. I don't have any pain, some "weird" feelings though, kind of like disorientation and a bad headache.

Last Updated 7/20/04