After playing tennis in Sept. my Achilles tendons were extremely sore. Stopped tennis but the tendons didn't heal. Visited a Dr. and wore a boot on the worst foot for a month, which helped but did not heal the tear (not a complete rupture).

Got on the internet for some help in healing and found that Cipro has been indicted for a lot of tendon injuries. I had been on heavy Cipro and then Levaquin for a prostate infection. 

I immediately stopped the quinolones. Foolishly I injured the tendons again doing light exercise. Now wearing boot on the other foot. MRI shows tear damage of tendon and Dr. thought if immobilized in boot it would heal. But my physical trainer wondered it it will EVER heal after 5 months. 

For years I have played 3 or more sets 5 days a week doubles and singles without an injury that did not heal within a few days. Age matters too, they say. I'm 70, and going nuts in this boot and not playing tennis for so long!

Does anyone out there know how long it takes some tendons to heal after heavy Cipro damage? What helps? The PDR (Phys Desk Ref) says dogs lose the use of their hind legs after Cipro doses. They shoot dogs. What now?

Last Updated 6/22/04