About three weeks after I was FQ'd, I posted my ADR with the drug company (Ortho McNeil) and the FDA. I also asked if there were any other reports of peripheral neuropathies with Levaquin and they said none have been reported. The other day my neuro told me that she had researched all ADR reports for Levaquin internationally and did not find any. She has thus, through a process of elimination, determined that I have had a Guillain Barre type reaction.

What I don't understand is that if ADR's have been occurring for a few years, why are they not reported? I really feel that my neuropathies are a direct result of Levaquin and that others have had the same problems, but the drug companies won't address it unless all cases are reported. I'm just really confused about why my case is the only one reported.

Last Updated 7/21/04