I am a 39 yo male. I was prescribed Levaquin twice (1 dose/day for 30 days) for prostate infections. The first time it worked very well with no side effects. However, the second time I had serious problems.

By the fifth day I ached in most joints. My heels hurt so bad I could hardly walk and my hands hurt so bad I couldn't easily hold a plastic cup. I also felt pressure and pain in my chest, and walking up a flight of steps caused such severe pain that I thought might be having a heart attack. I suspected it might be the Levaquin so I checked the internet and found many similar stories. I stopped taking the drug and within five days the chest pain eased up, but it is 3 months later and the apparent arthritis remains in my heels, hands and knees. My doctor just shrugged and switched me to tetracycline.

Last Updated 7/21/04