After being FQ'd in March, 99' , first symptom was sudden severe then chronic pain in both knees, shin bones & leg muscles. I started with severe stomach pain about a 2-3 months later. Turned out to be an ulcer, never had stomach problems before. Then, several months later, developed severe gastritis, weight loss, diarrhea, all new to me.

Now, dr's tell me I'm anemic. Present tests so far show no internal bleeding. Ulcer pain & gastritis pain are cyclical, (as are all my symptoms), with periods of "normalcy". What exactly is gastropariesis? 

Only 4 months ago, I developed severe tendonitis in right ring finger, Dr. called it "trigger finger" very painful & debilitating. Took a chance & allowed a cortisone shot & now am pain free, finger moves normally except sometimes the finger joint "snaps" again & can't open & close fluidly.

Last Updated 7/21/04