Quinolones reactions last for years of constant pain and suffering. Simple basic everyday chores that you wouldn't even think about normally , or now a major challenge to even try and do them.

I use to be able to clean my entire apartment in about 4 hours. Now it takes me weeks. I'd rather have had an almost fatal reaction to penicillin and have recovered in a week than to have had to go through this constant nightmare for the last 16 months. As for the package insert, I was never given an insert. I reported my reactions to the my doctor(s) and pharmacy and believe me I saw them 2 times a week when my reaction started.

They never told me there was a package insert, I did not know. I was given a 1/2 a page computer printout that said nothing about adverse effects. An no matter how many doctors I went to or how many times I went to the pharmacy, they all said the quinolones wouldn't have caused my symptoms.

And I am the one that had to ask the question "could it be the antibiotics"? They never put forth the proposition that I could be suffering from an ADR. Not once. You say the quinolones should be used appropriately. In my case and all the other cases I am hearing about, none of the quinolones were used appropriately. They were all used as first lines of defense among a list of other negligent actions that I know my doctor was guilty of . The quinolone antibiotics need to be removed from the market with the exception that they be used only as last lines of defense. I went from a hard working, athletic person (I was in construction) to a person suffering in constant pain. I never leave my apartment and have no life. It happened overnight by swallowing some pills. overnight!

Last Updated 6/23/04