I was given Cefadroxil & Metronidazole together, IV 24 hours and afterwards given the same thing in capsules to be taken for another 4 days. I discontinued taking them after 2 days  as I was being sick with it. ( Nausea, Shortness of breath & Lack of appetite ) 

I have had many other antibiotics like Augmentine, Doxycycline  and Erythromycin in the last five months. 

Windy days does not help me because of my dizziness. 

Initial reaction to Ciprofloxacin, just one tablet Severe vomiting, beetroot red face, sweat one moment and shivering the next, bowel movement, felt like my head was going to blow  up. All this happened 15 minutes after taking the initial dose of 500mg.

Last Updated 6/23/04