I was prescribed 5 days of 200 mg oral Trovan for pneumonia. I had been sick for months with respiratory infections. The doctor thought the pneumonia was viral but prescribed the Trovan just in case there was a bacterial component.

I had an immediate reaction to the medication. One hour after taking, I was dizzy, had blurred vision, trembling, flushed chest and head to the point that my skin was painful, and my blood pressure shot up to 170/100. I went to the emergency room, was given Benedryl for 24hours and the symptoms subsided.

The doctor changed me over to Zithromax for 5 days. I still have a respiratory problem not related to the Trovan, but the pneumonia went away by itself. I will never take this medication again and others should think twice before taking it. The FDA should study these drugs further.

Last Updated 6/23/04