I started using Cipro about a week ago 750mg per day.

All of a sudden, I experience muscle cramps, aches, spasms, twitches, etc, numbness in left arm and hand (thumb). I have similar symptoms in my right arm and hand, but not to the same degree

This progressed to sore and achy muscles all over body (back, neck, throat, calves, thighs) along with spasms and jerking. The area with the most symptoms is still my left arm.

Became afraid of ALS and started doing research. Came across info on another site about quinolones and came here. I called my doctor who said to stop taking the Cipro and start drinking lots of fluids. I'm not sure if I am better, because I believe anxiety is playing a part now. After reading ALS symptoms, I have been quite afraid. Has anyone else experienced anything like this??

Last Updated 6/24/04