I had a dizzy attack 9 months ago which has left me dizzy constantly since then. 

I had one 500mg Cipro and rushed to the A&E due to a reaction. The Cipro was given for an infection in the womb. While in hospital I was pumped with more Antibiotics via IV. Metronidazole & Cemetoxin. Does anyone know about CEMETOXIN? And any side effects? 

I have gone for many tests CT, MRI, Blood Works and now waiting for a VFT (Vestibular Function Testing). 

I still have some weird symptoms like Tremor, Joint pains, Facial pain, Muscle twitches, Ear pain, Migraine & Lightheaded, Confusion, Aches & pains in the shoulder & neck area. Has anyone else had similar symptoms? 

I don't know if they will ever diagnose the matter if the dizzy is caused due to an ADR.

Last Updated 6/24/04