I'm still into my ADR. Its been 16 months and I'm still suffering from muscle spasms over my entire body, burning, carpal tunnel syndrome, vision problems. The psychotic episodes, hallucinations, tremors and "panic attacks" as they were diagnosed by ER have disappeared as well as the hematuria and voiding dysfunction.

It took about 4 months for that stuff to disappear. For the last 2 months I have been receiving treatments once a week for the muscle spasms and they really worked. The treatments reduced my pain to where I could at least function. I started to go back to school via online distance education and was doing ok. When I stopped the treatments, the pain came back and I could hardly move and then subsequently failed all my classes.

So I'm back in the same boat as I was. The treatments I was receiving definitely worked in providing relief while I was receiving them but they are $400 a treatment. I don't have the money so that's why I stopped them. For anyone who has that kind of money I would recommend them. I get them in Philadelphia. I take Ultram for the pain it helps.

Last Updated 6/24/04