I am taking Levaquin for pneumonia and have experienced nausea since the 2nd dose (day 2). Am also taking Vioxx for the inflammation and trying to avoid Darvocet-N for pain of pleurisy.

After nearly 3 weeks of talk & treatment about bronchitis due to possible asthma (am 53 and find it odd I would develop asthma all of a sudden) I finally got a Dr. to diagnose pleurisy after listening to my chest, then I had to ask for an xray. Pleurisy sounded more reasonable to me since I kept having pain, but I felt a little like a cry-baby.

I never experienced fever or bad cough but had shortness of breath and shoulder-blade area pain. Xray revealed the pneumonia as well as a partially collapsed lower lung. I take HRT, Wellbutin and Neurontin and feel like a walking pharmacy.

Also, I quit smoking (pack a day habit) March 5th and while I am ever so grateful I don't have to deal with that during this illness, I also feel like I should be feeling better not worse! I am not good with nausea and hope there is something I can do to alleviate it.

Last Updated 6/24/04