I've had similar feelings to yours; 

1. It seemed when I slept or laid on either side my whole arm would go numb. This was very frequent months ago. Today it's much less noticeable But does occur occasionally. 

2. This is a strange one. I never had complete numbness in my jaw, but I could take my tongues rap it back and fourth between my top teeth. I would then feel tingling/numb sensations in my lower jaw. Today it's much less. 

3. More on my left wrist than right, if I tap on the inside of my wrist it would send nerve irritations up my hand. As if someone was playing my wrist nerves like guitar strings. I am left handed. 

My own experience is that Levaquin did develop some kind of nerve compression irritation. It does seem to be directly related to any pressure I put on those nerves. At times I could jump up and down and would irritate the nerves in the bottom of my feet.  

Well, good luck and hang in there.

Last Updated 7/24/04