I am so amazed. I was on Levaquin for a really bad sinus infection. When I take the first dose I always get this red spot on my shoulder that is solid and feverish, about the size of a quarter. After a few days it gets raised in the center and begins to look like a ring worm. Nothing gets rid of it until I get off the meds then it takes weeks to go away. This last time I took Levaquin I began to notice my rt. knee swelling and the pain in it became so severe I could hardly get up and down out of a chair.

I decided it was the medicine, stopped it and am better in the knee. I still have leg cramps, calf muscles ache and foot cramps. My left hand now has a knot in the knuckle of the hand and pain down the finger. I can't take any NSAIDS due to asthma so I just tough it out. 

I am amazed that this drug is still prescribed.

Last Updated 7/24/04