I used to rollerblade and weight lift all the time with no pain at all. A year ago I was on Floxin and Levaquin for months due to a suspected, but not real, prostatitis. I have not exercised for a year and have had pain and paresthesia with cramping of the hands occasionally. One day I sawed a piece of wood and 3 days later I had severe hand and wrist pain for two weeks. Last month I went out and just slowly rollerbladed around the block and days later I could barely walk! I had intense knee joint pain and my legs felt like they were on fire for about a month. Now they still hurt but are getting better. But last week I decided to start exercising again and just did 20 pushups while watching TV. Now I can barely type!@

My hand and fingers ache, numb, prickly. Even up my arm somewhat. I am learning not to do ANY exercise or strenuous movement, but I am 34 years old male and my fiancée thinks I am nuts. Is this Levaquin poisoning from a year ago or is something else going on? I have never heard of a disease where exercise causes severe long lasting pain. If it is Levaquin, what can I do to get better and back to normal life?

Last Updated 7/24/04