I have just found this forum - and thank God I did. I thought I was the only one.

I am in the UK. I was given the British version of Floxin after sinus surgery on May 24th. Ten days later I had everything I see in these posts, and almost three months later I am still suffering from..._extreme_ anxiety and fearfulness, weird panic attacks with feelings like my body is slowing down, or 'seizing up', loss of fine motor skills (cant turn jar lids, thread needle etc), weird thoughts and feelings, feelings of unreality, palpitations, frontal tight headaches, weakness and numbness/tingling in limbs, terrible insomnia, (with `explosions' in my head when I lay down and jerking awake suddenly all night as I am on the point of drifting off  to sleep.) I also wake every morning with completely numb arms hand and shoulders, and frequently wake during the night with a completely numb leg or arm.

I get `electric shocks' down my arms and legs. I also have tendonitis/arthritic pain in finger joints. It seems from what I have read here I escaped pretty lightly.  

My doctor will not take me seriously. I cannot find a website like this in the UK. The posts here are so huge I don't know where to start...and I need as much information on this as I can....please, can anyone point me towards other net information on Floxin, (proven adverse effects, newspaper articles, neurological info.....anything.) 

Thank you all so much, I am SO glad I found this place. Life starts (again) here. At least I can put a name or a cause to this nightmare.

Last Updated 7/24/04