I was prescribed a course of quinolone antibiotics about 18 months ago and am still suffering from them. I never received any of the quinolones in the form of sample packets but instead was sent to the pharmacy to have my prescriptions filled. On five separate occasions, I had a prescription filled for an antibiotic.

irst Cipro, Cipro again, then Sulfamethoxazole/Trimiphorin, then Floxin, then Levaquin.

I would stop the meds because I thought they were causing my pain, hallucinations, panic attacks etc., .The doctor was treating my ADR with more antibiotics. He never performed a culture test and it appears that I never had an infection.

Anyway, I never received a package insert for any of these prescriptions, not one. When I told the Doctor and the pharmacist, they both told me that the antibiotics wouldn't cause my symptoms. While begging my primary care Doctor to give me something for pain he finally agreed to give me samples he had for "Duract", an analgesic pain killer. No package insert with the samples.

I started taking the duract and a friend called to see how I was doing and I told him i was taking the Duract and he told me that his mom was on duract and that it had been pulled off of the market. He came over my house later that night and showed me the letter the company had sent to his mom.

My primary care doctor never knew that duract had been pulled from the market. When I spoke to the doctor and told him he said

"no kidding, really"?. My pain syndrome started out from the Cipro and it eventually spread throughout my entire body. I had an EMG and NCS which were abnormal. I also have the 18 tender spots that doctors use to test for Fibromyalgia. Also have carpal tunnel syndrome, jaw pain, blind spots in vision. I thought I was getting a little better over time but when I ate chicken for the first time in months, I had a subsequent relapse and was real bad. I can't type any more my hands hurt.

Last Updated 6/30/04