My doctor gave me 5 sample packs of Levaquin each containing 1 tablet (500mg)to be taken once a day.

 The label on the box said to be sure and read the enclosed insert.  None of the boxes had inserts so I had no idea about the side effects.

Needless to say, I am here reading these messages and posting my own because I feel pretty awful now after just 2 doses. I had already decided I didn't need to take anymore and have stopped. The nausea, headache, aching back, diarrhea, weakness and general hypersensitivity  prompted me to turn to the Internet to find information about the side effects. I am usually able to take antibiotics, with the usual stomach aches and sometimes diarrhea, but this is the worst.

 Can anyone tell me if they have had sample packs without inserts?

Last Updated 7/02/04