I was taking Levaquin last week for a sinus infection and asthma and stopped after the first two doses. I was asking if anyone else had received sample packs without inserts. It looks like a lot of  people had the same experience as I had, even a lot of the same symptoms.

I went back to work Monday and am happy to say that I am feeling better  and have been able to move around fairly well, although I get tired quicker than usual. I am still having short periods of dull headaches, lower back  aches, shooting pains in my wrists up to my elbows and ankles, and pain in  my knees. I also still get waves of nausea, get short-winded and my fingers tremble, especially if I am hungry. The cramps in my calves, ankles and toes have nearly gone away but I still feel them trying to tighten up frequently.

None of this is work-related. I get plenty of exercise working and am usually in great physical and mental shape. My husband and I are professional housecleaners and are very happy working  together. However, the last two days in the car on the way to work, I suddenly felt so depressed that I cried. My poor husband must think I'm losing my mind. I have no reason to feel depressed and my temper is short.

I am posting this message to tell anyone who is filing a lawsuit that they can use any or all of my messages for testimony if it would help in any way at all. I am in no position to take action myself right now, but  would love to help get Levaquin taken off the market. I hope you all are at least getting better.

Last Updated 7/02/04