Your doctor is either a jackass, a damn fool, or a liar. Floxins can cause heel, tendon, and leg pains of all sorts. When I could barely get downstairs after my 10th dose of Levaquin, I finally visited the Rx sites for more layman's language information on Levaquin. Wow! It looks like that the drug regulations should be changed to allow ordinary people to write the adverse reaction disclosures instead of the drug companies using lawyers to write the them!

 Using the new search service GOOGLE.COM, I found this eGroup site, and was  shocked to have learned of the severe and devastating reactions that so many  people have suffered on a single dose of a floxin drug. 

My GI had told me with a straight face that Levaquin wouldn't cause problems. Yet, Levaquin has been documented to cause abdominal pain and digestive  distress, and the jackass GI prescribed it knowing that I was suffering  abdominal pains and digestive distress. The jackass prescribed it for a possible bladder or prostate infection without making any lab test to determine which fungus, bacteria, or virus was causing what problem to what part. The shotgun approach appears to have alleviated the hot spot in my guts, but the buckshot cure has caused a lot of other problems! 

I have experienced light dizziness, headaches, heavy drowsiness, skin problems, itching, testicular swelling and pain, urinary incontinence, diarrhea, constipation, irregularity, heel, tendon and leg pains, vision problems, speech problems, and mental acuity problems.

I notified the GI on his voice mail of the serious adverse reaction, and got a message six hours later wanting to change it to Cipro, and also asking me if I was allergic to Penicillin! Now the jackass GI asks about Penicillin! Why didn't he say so in the first place and spare me from all of the pain, grief, and potentially permanent life-altering effects of Levaquin? 

I noted an immediate improvement on the following day after quitting Levaquin, but I am still aching in the legs and feet after two days. It is too early to judge if I will have any permanent damage from the Levaquin.

Last Updated 7/02/04