One of the chief complaints is terrible fatigue. This is so strange for her. She was involved in so many activities inside and outside school. At 1 o'clock in the morning her Dad and I would have to remind her she had to get up for school (7 a.m.). She'd be up, bright and bouncy, and ready to face the world.  

Now she has to drag herself out of bed. By the time she comes home from school, she is gray and many times has to take a nap before she can start homework. Now that she has therapy five times a week, she barely is able to finish her homework. She is still a straight A honor student, but it is only because of a supreme effort on her part.  

Everyone said that she didn't walk--she just bounced joyfully everywhere.

No one would believe that if they saw her now.  

She's had every blood test in the book. Dr. F. did some more when he saw her in July, but everything is normal. No one will ever convince me that it's not the Levaquin. When she was first evaluated by the therapists for endurance and strength on a scale of one to ten, they listed her at a one. I should have known that this would be about right, but when they told me and I saw it on the report, it still shocked me.

Last Updated 7/25/04