I am now inspired to write from the sadness of this story.

4 weeks ago I got floxed.

Took 7 Levaquin for a non-specific urethritis. By day five, my knee swelled up to the size of a football--hot and tender. Then my feet my back my hands and a reddish rash 

Had the exact same symptoms as Mike, here. All over body arthritis overnight at age 40. A nightmare. I was seeing a substitute doctor, my doc was on vacation. He says "You are having an adverse reaction to the Levaquin, I'm putting you on tetracycline." Great. I hobble off to work and think I'll be OK. THEN I JOINED THIS LIST. OH MY GOD! You mean this can go on for years? 

Then a woman (Linda??) posted a very positive alternative approach, right after I joined this list. It really helped me believe that I could get better.  


Took one naproxen with one Tylenol with codeine. Dramatic relief. Hobbled to my masseur for a full body deep massage--1 1/2 hours. Went home--straight to bed. No internet. Woke up. DRAMATIC improvement. This was after ten days of confusion, fear and stiffness and pain. My holistic hygienist says that I was able to improve so quickly because I had a major intestinal detox last year. She recommended another detox regime:( pills, vitamins, herbs) stretching exercises, MSM, Glucosamine, periodic acupuncture, massage and chiropractic visits. All of this seems like a lot but all I have now 4 weeks later) is a slight crick in my neck and some random tingling in my hands in the mornings, and I have only just started. My main thing is that I REFUSE to be jacked up by this.

My life is not about being laid up with a chronic illness. I have been HIV positive and healthy for 12 years without meds and I am not about to be poisoned by the latest jumped-up snake oil. I am going to join the letter writing campaign and I am interested in any lawsuits around this--at least to have more detailed information in the adverse reaction section of the instructions. Hang on people, your stories have given me such strength and hope.  

My boyfriend called today, he has some slight fever and some kind of renal infection (they think). They prescribe: something for kidneys stones, and for any possible infection: Levaquin. My work has just begun.  

PS. My blood pressure which has always been elevated, is now sky-high. My own doctor thinks I've gone mad.

Last Updated 7/25/04