I took Levaquin for about 2 days of the 14 day prescription last year. The main symptom I had was insomnia which I suffer with anyway, the pills just made it much worse.  

I also had a reaction I have not seen mentioned and that is rapid heartbeat. I felt like is was pounding out of my chest. Needless to say I flushed the remainder down the toilet and after reading some of these nightmare stories, I am so thankful I did. 

I suffer from regular sinusitis attacks and that is what the prescription for Levaquin was for. I have taken Biaxin in the past and will probably go back to it. I hate the bitter taste it leaves but at least it won't kill me. 

My heartfelt prayers and support are with you suffering from this horrible drug. It is just an example that the FDA is not doing their homework in evaluating these drugs.

Last Updated 7/27/04