I am brand new to this group.

I have had severe joint pain for over a year and seen every type of doc known to mankind. Had just about every test too! Started with an abscessed tooth in '97, lots of antibiotics, mostly Cipro; in '98 tooth was finally extracted and the pain never left. In December 1998 was put on Levaquin for yet another sinus infection.

Long, long story really short: had 7 oral surgeries in 1999 losing 21 teeth and bone (all were biopsied; all were dead, dying or mummified). I am 54, not 54,000! Biopsy showed NICO (neuralgia induced cavitational osteonecrosis) in 3 areas of the jaw. Also had a lot of blood testing and DNA work done:

I carry the main gene for osteonecrosis and have 3 clotting  disorders which undoubtedly contributed to the teeth dying (lots of root canals, lots of anesthesia).

Within 30 days (February 1999) of my first jaw surgery right elbow blew....took months of physical therapy, different tests by different docs etc and finally in Feb. 2000 an ortho orders an MRI of the elbow which shows blown tendons in two places. He offers no help. By now, bone scans show "hot spots" in ankles, knees, hips, pelvic, spine, shoulders, elbows and wrists. Am told I have developed moderate to severe OA....and they think that either my bones are still stroking out (mini clots in bones, not vessels) OR I have tendon ruptures from the long-time use of quinolones.

Have just learned of this site and will contribute what I can; what is helping me with pain now is 15 mg. of Mobic a day (the new kid on the block anti-inflammatory), an anti-depressant "Dsyrel" for sleep (and it is helping), and fiorinal w/codeine #3 for when I can't stand the pain anymore.  I also take Tylenol (1300 mg 1-3 times a day). I take warm whirlpool baths often, use moist heat and cold packs, practice deep breathing and relaxation techniques, and strap magnets (the cheap kind from Walgreen's) everywhere. I wear carpal tunnel braces for my wrists and tennis elbow supports for my elbows.

I am freaking sick of all this.....it has been a nightmare lasting two years and I can't wait for the day when I feel GREAT! Thanks for listening to me rant!

Last Updated 7/27/04