Hi gang, I was given the drug Levaquin last week for a stubborn URI.

I had tried Amoxicillan but my chest still felt full and I was coughing a bit.

I took 3 days worth, 500mg each day, of the Levaquin. I experienced a metallic taste in my mouth and funny smells. I looked at your site because these possible side-effects were not mentioned to me by the MD. I immediately stopped the drug based on what I saw on your site. Very alarming. I tend to be drug sensitive and also I am on a beta-blocker for skipped heart beats. My chest is filling up again. The drug was working and my MD wants me to go back on the drug but I am refusing to do so. Help! Can I expect this taste to go away? The MD says it is a common side-effect. My feeling is that I should stay in bed and ride out this infection.

Thanks in advance for any input. "M"

Last Updated 7/27/04