Not to sound too cynical, but for over a year I haven't been able to exercise at all. I tried twice 6 months ago. Just doing a few pushups made my arms ache and tingle and my elbows creak and hurt for months. I tried to rollerblade leisurely around the block ( I used to go miles easily) and the next day I could barely walk.

It is 5 months and my left knee is still on fire most of the time. So I ask you, why on earth would I want to take the time and expense to travel to see Dr. Flockhart or any other so called expert when all they are going to do is say, "well its only been a year, most people will get better slowly after a couple years, but some people don't and there is no medicine or anything we can do for you." I just don't get it, if no one can help us and we just have to suffer and hope to be better one day, then why even go see them.

I don't care whether anyone believes my problem or not. All I know is a year ago I exercised 4 days a week, weight lifted, rollerbladed, jogged. 33 years old and never had an ache in any joint or muscle at all. After 2 months of Levaquin all my elbows and knees make noise, get stuck, hurt, and feel like they are on fire as well as losing strength and motor skills for months after I attempt the slightest exercise.

I KNOW what happened to me. Now can someone tell me what the hell I should or can do about it? Does any medicines help these tendon/joint/nerve problems? Will this ever get better?

Last Updated 7/27/04