As an almost 6 year veteran casualty of both Floxin and Cipro, reading post after post I am rarely inspired to post anymore as this is just so insane and unnecessary - and not to diminish the Levaquin and children posts - come on  people - how about simply "Fluoroquinolones and Children".

I say this because I have been told over the last few years from my children's dentists, ophthalmologists and other specialties that Cipro is used all the time for  pre-op and post-op, Floxin as well - much prescribed by a top notch ophthalmology dept that quinolone drops are prescribed all the time ...and then  me just looking incredulously, so tired of going into my whole ordeal (not needing any further insult to my suffering).

Only two months ago I had to stop my favorite pediatrician from giving my 12 year old son Floxin drops for a mild case of his first case of swimmers ear, which first of all says right on the package insert to be used only for acute otis media (bad ear infection) (not indicated for swimmer's ear!!).

My children and husband have been floxed enough having to live with me. And what about poor "Abby" whose parents recounted her long suffering (and theirs) - a heartbreaking story due to the effects of Cipro ( on an early post ). Somewhere out there must be some famous people whose docs have given them fluoroquinolones since these docs think that fluoroquinolones are the all and end all of antibiotic treatment, whether or not such treatment is even necessary. I wish all the pharmaceutical lobbyists to take a course or two of these (their own medicine) - But, of course, they wouldn't dare!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Updated 7/09/04