Rick, please let me hear more about your symptoms. I took Levaquin 3 months ago and cannot walk. I just had X-Rays of ankles and knees today. About a week and a half ago, I felt remarkably good, and perhaps overexerted myself, because in this past week I need a cane to walk from my bed to the bathroom.

The doctor is somewhat stumped over what to do. It would be very encouraging to hear from someone who had similar symptoms but recovered. 

I am so sorry to hear of your problems with walking. For the first month I felt like a character from "Night of the Living Dead" when I walked, but I could still do so. Between joint pain and dizziness and vertigo, walking was a real adventure.

 My effects from Levaquin (3 tablets and 1 of Cipro in early June) effects are:  

-- joint pain (short term, now just hurts a little bit)

-- incredibly bad neck pain (lingering, much better, but comes and goes) -- rotator cuff tendonitis (lingering, comes and goes, but     seems to be trending better)

-- blurred vision in my left eye (lingering, and not getting better, although I am more used to it now)

-- incredible sensitivity to light in my left eye (short term, gone now)

-- anxiety (I suffered from some GAD already, got worse on Levaquin, now *much* better)

-- depression (the only bout of depression in my 43 years, fortunately this only lasted about a month, I'm now taking SAMe)

-- dizziness (lingering, but much better for the last few weeks)

-- insomnia (short term, mostly gone)

-- stomach pain (short term, gone)

-- intestinal upset (lingering, but getting better)

-- fatigue (lingering, but improving) 

By either luck or the grace of God (you pick) I haven't had the terrible neuro-psychological effects that some of you have had, and I haven't had to miss work. The effects have definitely had a big negative impact on my life, but between real improvements and coping, I'm pretty much doing what I used to. 

As for treatment, I take ibuprofen for pain, SAMe for depression (I'm afraid to stop taking it, I've been feeling so well), glucosimine and chondroitin (I'm not sure it's helping, but what the heck) for the joints, and get as much aerobic exercise as I can. I also take supplements, like Arlene, and avoid prescription drugs as much as possible. Stretching exercises have helped my neck a very little bit. 

Ironically, the prostatitis that was the cause of my personal journey with quinolones persists, and was only helped by saw palmetto and pygeum -- neither of which are antibiotics or prescription drugs.

Last Updated 7/09/04