Thank you all for the info on stomach and abdominal problems in relation to quinolones. I knew I wasn't nuts.

I developed pancreatitis after taking floxins a few years back and although the test results (amalyse, lipase ,tripson) come back very elevated the Doctors cannot seem to find a source or diagnose what is causing it. So I take Pancrease daily when I eat.

Has any else had these tests? I understand pancreatitis will also cause muscle, joint pain.

I am curious to know if anyone else had these tests. Also, I have to add that although I feel the Doctors should have been more  concerned and look into the floxins, Levaquin as an ADR. I believe they were  trying to help me and really felt that when I told the of the ADR they felt I  had too many problems for them to deal with.

If my problems were all in my head the blood tests would not show anything. ALTHOUGH I am told that the pancreas tests will show neg. when in fact they are positive. It is the way the pancreas works.

I don't care if I feel insulted when the Doctors look at me like I have 2 heads. I need someone to help me... Seriously...I am tired of being sick, sick of pain, cannot seem to get out of it...ever.

The only time I had any relief was when I took natural medicine for liver and intestinal cleansing. That was the only relief since 1993 and it only lasted 7days.

I feel like whatever I have is an infection and it is in my bones .It feels like it is under the skin in my bones and blood.

Has anyone had bronchitis? spasms in the lungs? I appreciate the feedback. I am not interested in help not vengeance.

Last Updated 7/09/04