I haven't mentioned vision probs. yet but I do have them too. Since being FQ'ed, my glasses need to be strengthened every 2 months. Optician "can't figure it out", but I can. I can't afford 6 new prescriptions for glasses a year so I'm just toughing it out & getting used to not seeing as clearly as I used to. Glasses used o last me several years before needing strengthening before FQ.

I thank God I don't have nausea ,dizziness, etc. or drastic vision problems, so vision, although important God knows, has not been a priority with me to focus on (no pun intended). There is another product that can be bought in GNC called "Colloidal Silver". It's expensive, $12 for 4ozs. but at GNC, you can return products for cash with a receipt if you want to. That's the only reason I tried this stuff, because I knew I could return it for a full cash rebate if necessary.

It looks & tastes like water & I was very skeptical, but now I'm a believer.

Bladder infections, tooth infection with pain, these are just 2 of the conditions I've used this for. 5 dropperfulls a day, not taken with food are the instructions. We need to share remedies & get away from allopathic medicine wherever possible. Sometimes surgery & such is really necessary, but, for me, maintenance medicine will from now on be mainly homeopathic & remedies wherever possible.

Just remember, go slow, till you see if there will be any adverse reaction to you from anything new, whether allopathic or homeopathic. Bless all .

Last Updated 7/09/04