Help! My husband may have had a reaction to  Floxin. We have  conflicting  reports from MD's concerning his current  condition.

After taking Floxin for 5 days he experienced 2-3 anxiety-type attacks!?!

The majority of  his pain was in his back, could not grasp objects, sensitivity to light, ached  all over. He went to the emergency room and was told it was probably a  reaction   to Floxin -he discontinued his use. After 2 days of bed rest the pain  went away, except he continues to have pain in his  lower back. He is now  in physical therapy for the constant pain.

Can you please shed some light on Floxin  reactions? Our family practitioner says this is not a Floxin reaction. We obviously are very frustrated  with  the medical run-around we have been receiving lately. 

Thank you.

Last Updated 7/09/04