I have bone-muscle-joint type ADR from Levaquin. Some people have written about the importance of walking daily, even though in pain. When I walk, the pain intensifies considerably, shooting, stabbing pains in my knees, shin bones & muscles up to my thighs. I can force myself to continue walking, but should I?

X-Rays, bone scan & MRI show no damage in terms of tendon rupture or osteo-necrosis. Some form of exercise is very important because a chronic bladder condition prevents me from getting enough calcium & I'm 62 y.o. I already have a L-1 compression Fx from a fall last Oct.,98 & some osteo arthritis.

I've also been told I have degenerate disc Dx. in my spine. I have lost 2 inches in height since the fall. Because of the bladder condition, there are many helpful remedies that I cannot take advantage of for the pain or for bone health. Comments? (From laypersons, I'm aware we're (*you) are not medical people.)

Last Updated 7/10/04