Hello to all. I have been away from the forum for awhile after my computer had a meltdown. Finally up and running again. (the computer, not me).

I am glad that there seems to be some people posting who are actually looking for ways to help and who are interested in researching our ADR's. Maybe someone is finally listening?

It is disheartening to still see new posters who think they can come here to find the miracle cure from the damage that has been caused by the FQ's. Here I am in my 6th year.

Of course most of my symptoms were CNS and I think that is harder to treat or even have a Dr. recognize than the tendon probs. Not that I would want to trade for those, I am so sorry for all of you suffering with that constant pain.

Like others have stated I do not believe anything will be done until someone is finally successful in bringing a lawsuit that doesn't get thrown out, and can be awarded some very big bucks. I would be happy to participate in any survey or information gathering that will help others not have to go through this hell.

By the way I am making it through the days and living a somewhat normal life, but I must still be on a maintenance dose of Paxil to maintain my brain chemistry and my thyroid was somehow affected so I take synthroid. I also take many supplements to try to stay as healthy as possible.

My biggest remaining problem is the "brainfry", as I call it. Poor memory slow processing, unable to speak what my mind is trying to say.

Very frustrating. I do on occasion still have some shakiness, muscle twitching, facial numbness and lack of coordination. After 6 years you learn to ignore most of this as a nuisance, but sometimes it can really piss you off!

My best to everyone and a reminder that I have a new email address which you will find in my info.

Last Updated 7/10/04